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Active Action workshops are tailor-made to raise awareness and successfully work through the challenges Internationals, Re-pats, Expat Spouses/ Partners face…

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Active Action Workshops

Active Action provides workshops that are tailor-made to raise awareness and successfully work through the challenges Internationals, Re-pats and Expat Spouses/Partners face in order to have a smoother transition and adaptation into the host country.
Part of retaining highly skilled international employees is addressing the challenges they and their family members face.

The next step is to provide solutions that will allow Expats and their loved ones to feel comfortable and welcome.

The Spouse/Partner plays a key role in a successful relocation assignment and there is a need to focus more on the relocating Spouse/Partner.

Active International

The body and mind connection – Your Expat Tool Box – how does relocation influence our mental and physical well being? Physical Activity and its benefits are one of the most important go-to tools for the Internationals. This workshop emphasizes the healthy habits that have a profound influence on the relocation experience. Physical activity, a positive mindset, mindful practices, healthy lifestyle, taking control/action of life are all interconnected.

Resilient International

During this workshop, there is a focus on defining Emotional Resilience, how it affects Internationals/Expats and Re-pats, how to learn to deal with stressful, life-changing events and managing relocation expectations. As well as, taking a closer look at how to improve our emotional resilience and cope with missing HOME. Through sharing sessions and useful exercises and tools, we learn how to get through challenges faced by Internationals when stepping out of comfort zones. This workshop shows Internationals how to regain balance after the stress of moving. Before shifting into gear, we need to acknowledge, address the changes and challenges and then take action.

Aware International

This workshop session focuses on setting boundaries, addressing self-doubt, nostalgia, doubleness/cross-cultural experiences, cultural awareness, what role the Culture of the host country plays in the lives of individuals living abroad. All Internationals have skills, talents, and strengths that can be put to use in the new host country. Sometimes, all that is needed is a different perspective and looking outside of the box. Becoming familiar with the Danish Culture and how to navigate in it is key in order to have a smoother and easier transition into the new life in Denmark. Understanding intercultural competence is an important step that leads to feeling comfortable in a new country.

Expert International

The Expert Expat workshop is designed to raise awareness regarding International/Expat Identity, re-defining and often re-inventing  International/Expat identity, how grieving and gaining are a part of the international experience and the importance of belonging. Why is there such a need to belong and how can deeper Cultural Awareness fulfil this need? Finding Gravity and Balance in the International life is crucial in order to move forward and make the relocation experience a positive one. The time is NOW! This workshop brings you a step closer to discover what your passion is. Expat life makes internationals experts in so many fields, let’s put that expertise to use.

Unleash Your Talent: Successful International

This is a value packed, hands on, dynamic workshop which focuses on the International’s aims as well as the importance of personal and visual branding. In order to be visible and stand out, you have to be present and active in the digital world. We will equip you with the tools and knowledge to do just that. This workshop is all about your skills, talents and thinking out of the box. Our objective is to define personal aims, raise awareness about networking and show how to start creating your visual brand.

Additionally, this value pack also includes a professional head shot session by Celine Martin Pedersen.



Living my best life workshop!

This is a creative, insightful, and dynamic workshop focused on achieving dreams and creating the desired life! It allows Internationals to become aware of possibilities, opportunities and to take action.

The first part consists of taking a closer look at the transitioning phases of living abroad and where the participants are currently.

There will be a Dare to Share session, which allows an exchange of experiences and addresses expectations and the profound effect they have on the living abroad experience. Awareness is key, therefore it is crucial to learn how to manage expectations.

Next, the attention is drawn to outlining strengths, skills, and tapping into passions and hobbies.

What follows is the Vision Board part of the workshop. At this point, the participants zoom in on the positive vision of life and the future. It is a creative process during which the participants actively use their visualization capabilities, motivation,  and allow themselves to pursue the life they desire.


Settling in events and workshops providing your International hires and their accompanying family members with a complete range of tools and information to guide and help them settle in quickly and with ease. Our focus is to help you attract and retain highly skilled Internationals. As your Expat Experts we provide the solutions and peace of mind!

This consecutive workshop series covers every aspect of settling in. 

Active Action events w/ Kathy Borys Siddiqui:

The Objective of the workshops is to bring cultural transitioning and adaptation solutions to Internationals starting a new chapter of their lives in Denmark. 

  • Danish Culture 101 – Home and work life – gain clarity and insight
  • Active Expat – Your Expat Tool Box – Mind and Body
  • Aware Expat – Raising cultural awareness –  coping with cultural adjustment phases, Expat Identity, managing expectations
  • Expert Expat – thinking out of the box – re-invent yourself – Action Plan to build the life you desire 

Homestead Events w/Laura Wintemute: 

  • Danish Rental Market Awareness
  • Danish Transport System and Driving 
  • Danish Banking and Digital Post/Nemid 
  • Danish Health Care and Pharmacies 

30 minutes of physical activity

In order for anyone who is moving abroad, relocating, re-patriating or participating in an exchange program the Culture Adjustment Phases are the foundation of Aware Internationals and should always be discussed before proceeding with other International/ Expat topics.

The aim of Active Action workshops as a series or as single workshops are to use pro-active solutions, to focus on taking action in order to create a thriving environment for the Internationals, Expats, Re-pats as well as the Danes.

In order to activate the participants, physical activity is incorporated into the workshops. Physical activity has an enormous influence on the body as well as the mind. It can be used as a powerful tool to enhance and enrich our lives.

  •  Most workshops end with minimum 30min.  physical activity


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What we do

Active Action supports companies, organisations, and institutions in order to increase attraction and specifically retention. Through our workshops, programs, and consultations we provide the tools which enable Internationals, their families, the employers and communities to find mutual understanding and solutions. Active Action is all about smoother transitions, acknowledgement, raising cultural awareness and providing solutions for each International and their families, for the employers and employees, for the municipalities and organisations welcoming newcomers.

Our services, packages, and workshops are tailor-made to fulfil the individual needs of our clients.


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