At Active Action, we have a deep understanding of the importance that knowledge, collaboration, support, awareness and an individual approach have during the onboarding process. We can provide pre-arrival consultations to discuss and manage the expectations of International families as well as provide in-house consultations and solution-oriented services.

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Active Action Consulting 

According to the EY 2018 Relocating Partner Survey, “Today’s mobile employees are no longer interested exclusively in the financial aspect of their international assignment package – they are extremely concerned about the fate of their partners while abroad.” Providing individual support, expert guidance and seeing the spouse/partner as an active participant of the relocation process is a good start.

Active Action collaborates with highly professional strategic partners and this results in a wide range of expertise and services such as workshops for international career couples, spouses ready to transition and re-invent their careers, the Settling in Program which offers solutions that cover day to day challenges as well as raising intercultural awareness and providing spouse/partner support.

From a professional perspective we offer Intercultural Awareness, Intercultural Communication, and Well-Being workshops and programs for the employer and employees.

We are here to help and work together with employers and International families. The focus of Active Action is on the well-being of the spouse/partner so that the whole family, as well as the employer, have positive relocation experience. Our approach is based on open communication, tailor-made services, and collaboration. 

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Book Kathy Borys Siddiqui for a Talk or Webinar

From the age of 8, Kathy has lived abroad and therefore, can relate to TCK’s (third culture kids), CCK’s (Cross-Cultural kids), Immigrants, re-pats and expats.  Professionally, Kathy researches, talks and writes about topics that Internationals, dual career couples, and international spouses/partners cope with, find challenging and live through every day. She has extensive knowledge of life in Denmark as an international having lived in Odense, Kolding and now Copenhagen. Kathy has the ability to motivate, be empathetic, raise awareness and present thought-provoking topics.

  • Networking and LinkedIn go hand in hand
  • Intercultural Awareness and Communcation are the bridge to thriving International ecosysytems
  • How to combat Winter Blues and survive a Nordic Winter
  • Imposter Syndrome – Calibrate and Combat
  • How an active lifestyle and purposeful habits can make your relocation experience a win
  • The constant journey: Finding balance as an International, managing expectations, and rediscovering YOU
  • Emotional Resilience : You can train to become more resilient
  • Why a Personal Brand is a key factor in re-shaping your International career
  • Create and Collaborate: The power of the pack, finding your Tribe to thrive

 Active Action Method

The Active Action Method is focused on the individual needs of Internationals relocating. It has been developed in order to help and support internationals, their families and the organizations hiring and welcoming the internationals into the host country. The objective is a smoother transition for the Internationals, higher retention and a rise in successful relocations.

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What we do

Active Action supports companies, organisations, and institutions in order to increase attraction and specifically retention. Through our workshops, programs, and consultations we provide the tools which enable Internationals, their families, the employers and communities to find mutual understanding and solutions. Active Action is all about smoother transitions, acknowledgement, raising cultural awareness and providing solutions for each International and their families, for the employers and employees, for the municipalities and organisations welcoming newcomers.

Our services, packages, and workshops are tailor-made to fulfil the individual needs of our clients.


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