I have been on the move since the age of 8, lived on 2 continents, in 4 countries and made a home in 8 cities.

I have been an immigrant, a cross-cultural kid, a re-pat and currently, I am an International…

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“As an expat spouse, I understand the challenges that come with relocating and how important it is to feel that we are more than a spouse/partner, to be acknowledged for our contributions and skills. Active participation in a new host country is vital in order to build new networks, create opportunities and thrive.”

-Kathy Borys Siddiqui Founder of Active Action

A closer look

I have been on the move since the age of 8. My globe-trotting adventure started with my parents as Immigrants. Since then, I have lived on 2 continents, in 4 countries and made a home in 8 cities. I have been an immigrant, a cross-cultural kid, a re-pat and currently, I am an international – love-pat. Growing up in-between cultures and countries, I discovered the advantages and challenges of this multicultural world we live in. I have learned to adapt, to grieve losses, to welcome the unfamiliar and the unknown. I have experienced profound nostalgia and have had to re-invent myself a few times along the way.

Every move has taught me something new and made me realize that as global citizens we have an abundance of opportunities and it is up to us to decide how we take on each relocation.
My international experiences have shaped me into the person I am today.

Just when I thought I was planting my roots, I met my husband and once again I packed up my life in boxes and set off to live the happily ever after in the land of the Vikings and Hygge. In Denmark, I have lived on Fyn, in Jylland, and now in Nordsjælland.

I have a solid understanding of the similarities and differences Denmark as a country can offer to Internationals. I have been through all the cultural adjustment phases (more than once), I have been a student, unemployed, employed, a stay at home Mom and entrepreneur.

Being an International changes who you are, it allows you to live a life that is filled with rich experiences, various cultures, languages, climates, communities, surroundings, ups and downs, culture shock, reverse culture shock, feeling alone, belonging to enthusiastic groups, grieving the loss of the “old” you and reinventing yourself. Change is constant and as difficult it may be to surrender to it at times, it is a positive part of life.

Home for many Internationals becomes a memory, a nostalgic trip for the holidays. Very often home takes on a new meaning, it is built around the closest family, the communities – it is all about the PEOPLE. We have our differences but overall, we have more in common than we think. Transitioning is challenging but by being aware, resilient, acknowledging and working together to take action we can so much more.


I started Active Action because as an ex-pat spouse I know first hand what such a move entails, the ups and downs, nostalgia, missing home, dealing with an identity crisis, having to re-invent yourself as a professional, understanding your new host country and what it takes to finally feel at ease and regain a sense of belonging. My cultural adjustment experience here in Denmark was very difficult. Once I finally settled in, I made it my mission to raise awareness and work with companies, municipalities, universities, and International organizations which are hiring Internationals and focus on the families so that their transition is smoother and they can find the tools and solutions to tackle the challenges they face.

Active Action has the insight, tools, and solutions to make the settling in journey easier, smoother, and more joyful. At the same time, it is crucial to address topics such as cultural awareness, cultural adjustment phases, resilience, identity and belonging, networking, personal branding, and re-shaping the professional identity so that the internationals, the organizations that hire international employees and municipalities that welcome internationals to their communities have even more insight and understanding which in return will result in great benefits for all. We are here to help you and provide you with the tools you need to create the life you want!

The Method of Active Action

The Active Action Method is focused on the individual needs of Internationals relocating. It has been developed in order to help and support internationals, their families, and the organizations hiring and welcoming the internationals into the host country. The objective is a smoother transition for the Internationals, higher retention, and awareness which will result in an increase of successful relocations.

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What we do

Active Action supports companies, organisations, and institutions in order to increase attraction and specifically retention. Through our workshops, programs, and consultations we provide the tools which enable Internationals, their families, the employers and communities to find mutual understanding and solutions. Active Action is all about smoother transitions, acknowledgement, raising cultural awareness and providing solutions for each International and their families, for the employers and employees, for the municipalities and organisations welcoming newcomers.

Our services, packages, and workshops are tailor-made to fulfil the individual needs of our clients.


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