We have first-hand knowledge, and experience with International life as well as hands-on solutions to support and advise!

Active Action has the tools and know-how to help Internationals have a smoother transition into their new life and help companies, universities, and municipalities retain highly skilled employees.

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Mission Statement

“Active Action helps Internationals and their families adjust and understand their new host country so that, they can have a thriving, active and fulfilling family and professional lives. We  support International companies, universities, municipalities and organizations hiring International talent by providing Intercultural Awareness, Intercultural communication, as well as Well-being training and hands on tools to bridge gaps and bring people together.
Being Expats ourselves we understand the challenges of International life and we have the insight and tools to provide the solutions.“

-Kathy Borys Siddiqui Founder of Active Action

 Active Action Method

The Active Action Method is focused on the individual needs of Internationals relocating and the companies and Institutions hiring them. It has been developed in order to help and support internationals, their families and the organizations hiring and welcoming internationals into the host country. The objective is a smoother transition for the Internationals, higher retention and a rise in successful relocations.

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What we do

Active Action supports companies, organisations, and institutions in order to increase attraction and specifically retention. Through our workshops, programs, and consultations we provide the tools which enable Internationals, their families, the employers and communities to find mutual understanding and solutions. Active Action is all about smoother transitions, acknowledgement, raising cultural awareness and providing solutions for each International and their families, for the employers and employees, for the municipalities and organisations welcoming newcomers.

Our services, packages, and workshops are tailor-made to fulfil the individual needs of our clients.


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