Active Action Method

The Active Action Method is focused on the individual needs of Internationals relocating and repatriating. It has been developed in order to help and support internationals, their families and the organizations hiring and welcoming the internationals into a host or home country. The objective is a smoother transition for the Internationals, higher retention and a rise in successful relocations.


Raising Awareness is one of the key components of successful relocation and repatriation. From a sociocultural perspective, this means: raising awareness about the challenges the incoming internationals face, asking what can be improved, how can we work together, provide solutions and tools to make the transition easier. Companies and organizations also play a big part since they will be facing transitions in their workplace culture. Relocating an employee often means that there is a unit (family) that is moving abroad. Therefore, settling in, adapting to a new life abroad is a shared responsibility.

Raising Awareness, bridging the gaps, open communication and establishing a welcoming environment are all attainable through mutual cooperation and the right tools. Active Action work-shops and consultations focus on raising awareness, providing the internationals and the companies with the knowledge they need to attain smoother transitions, and thriving families. Being and feeling welcomed is a two-way street. Awareness of needs and challenges is the first step and the driving force for change.


In order to address the challenges, we must be aware of their existence. Talking about challenges is a delicate and necessary matter. When relocating there is a vast unknown that internationals face. Some issues and emotions that can come up are concerns, expectations, fears, uncertainties, excitement, stepping out of comfort zones, nostalgia, grief and having to reinvent yourself to name a few. Providing support and understanding can make a world of a difference.

Through awareness and acknowledgement, you learn that you are not alone, that it is ok to feel mixed emotions, that you will change and although, it may feel that the balance is off, there are tools to help regain it. Active Action workshops focus on the delicate and vulnerable topics most internationals face and we provide the tools to work through them. By being aware and acknowledging, the next step can be moving forward and taking action.


Taking Action is part of regaining balance and reinventing yourself. Finding purpose abroad is one of the bigger challenges. More often than not, reinventing ourselves as expat spouses and partners is inevitable. Being aware that change is a part of international life can prepare the spouses and partners for new opportunities that await. Focusing on the opportunities instead of losses is another important shift. Active Action has the know-how and experience that allow us to lend a helping hand when internationals are preparing for changes.

The experience, skills and vast multicultural awareness which Internationals posses can be an enormous asset to a company or an organization. Active Action encourages companies and organizations to look outside of the box and see internationals and the skills they possess as valuable assets that can be utilized in the best possible way.

Our Promise

The process of transitioning and adapting to a new host country or home country is ongoing and can continue or even repeat after all of the cultural adjustment phases have taken place. Therefore, having the knowledge and proper tools is essential.

“We are here for Internationals moving and living abroad. For those of us living international lives evolving is a continuous process.”

-Kathy Borys Siddiqui Founder of Active Action

What we do

Active Action supports companies, organisations, and institutions in order to increase attraction and specifically retention. Through our workshops, programs, and consultations we provide the tools which enable Internationals, their families, the employers and communities to find mutual understanding and solutions. Active Action is all about smoother transitions, acknowledgement, raising cultural awareness and providing solutions for each International and their families, for the employers and employees, for the municipalities and organisations welcoming newcomers.

Our services, packages, and workshops are tailor-made to fulfil the individual needs of our clients.


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